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Software for Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon compatible systems

Some more or less useless pieces of software I wrote for Atari using HiSoft Basic 2.1. That's a 30-year old BASIC compiler that was very much ahead of its time. Most of the stuff here I use regularly on my MagiC-PC setup. I will try to keep this updated with the latest versions and may add something new from time to time.
program version downloads description
 STift  v0.1 2024 74 Indoor cycle training app for Atari ST. Requirements: internet connection, Bluetooth HRM and Android with third party bridge app installed. More info: ST-Guide HYP (in HTML).

 STHRM  v0.1 2024 102 Heart Rate Monitor for Atari ST. Requirements: internet connection, Bluetooth HRM and Android with third party bridge app installed.

 MidiByte  v0.3 2023 413 MidiByte is a special kind of MIDI player. It will read any file byte by byte, assign a note plus instrument to it, and play it via the MIDI port of your system. So you will need a (virtual) synth connected to your MIDI port. Will also work over serial or tcp. More info here.

 NewsTicker  v0.7 2024 422 The latest BBC News headlines in a single-line, moveable scrolling ticker window. For for multitasking Atari systems. An internet connection (with STiK) is required. Versions < 0.7 don't work anymore (server change).

 OpenWeather  v1.3 2023 322 A simple weather app for multitasking, large colour screen Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon compatible systems. Weather data are fetched from An internet connection (with STiK) is required.

 Pythonizer  v0.1 2023 298 Add random sounds to random keyboard keys. Sounds are from the 'naughty bits' part of the Monty Python Pythonizer (1996). Requires Rational Sounds.
Listen to a sample naughty Monty Python sound
 Buddingh'  v1.0 2024 0 Puts a poem on your screen, randomly selected from the complete works of the Dutch author Cees Buddingh' (1918-1985). Optional translation using Google Translate. Internet connection required.
Versions < 1.0 won't work anymore, so use this one.

 Onions  v6.0 2021 285 Simple TOS program that plays Booker T. (TT?) and the MG's (ST's?) Green Onions with random pentatonic organ improvisations. MIDI required.

 MiniPOS  v0.65 2023 unknown Point-Of-Sale (POS) program for my bicycle repair shop. Nothing fancy, TOS only. Under constant development. Link refers to source and binary at Github.

 PrintCMS  v1.0 1990 320 Found this on Wrote it in 1990 in GFA-Basic. Apparently to print those giant SPSS listings from the university mainframe in condensed format on an Epson compatible printer. It still runs and prints something. Lost the source code long time ago. Completely useless, unless you have an IBM VM/CMS mainframe like below.

 RaceRenderST  v1.0 2022 297 Not an Atari program but a template for the Windows program RaceRender. Create (race) videos with an Atari ST look. Images included. See a sample video below.


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